UCLA Graduation Week

It’s Sunday, June 16, 2019 and it’s time to leave “The Rooftop” for home and back to reality.

We enjoyed our time here, especially watching Jackson graduate from UCLA, with a Bachelor of Arts in International/Global Studies, with a Minor in Global Health.

While Mike and Mav couldn’t stay for the actual graduation ceremonies, they gave us the house to entertain and enjoy good food and wine while they jetted off to Barcelona.

They did however host a special Pre-Graduation Party for Jackson and his friends on Saturday, June 8th.

I asked for permission, got it, and oh boy, here’s what we drank throughout the week.  All I can say is thank you Mike and Mav and please don’t do an inventory check upon your return!

And, I did not drink all of it, Alma, my mother-in-law and grandmother to Jackson did her fair share, so it’s not all on me.

Here’s the list of wines we drank from the Wojo’s original wine cellar throughout the week, starting with the Wojo’s party for Jackson and his friends on Saturday, June 8, on “The Rooftop”:


  • 2016 Liquid Farms Chardonnay, Golden Slope
  • 2017 Aubert Chardonnay, Sugar Shack, Napa Valley
  • 2017 Bramito Chardonnay Umbria (two bottles)
  • 2017 Carmenet Chardonnay


  • 2004 Tandem Pinot Noir, Sonoma County
  • 2005 Pahlmeyer Pinot Noir, Sonoma Coast
  • 2010 Guado al Tasso
  • 2011 Alto Moncayo Garnacha
  • 2012 Falcor Syrah, Napa Valley
  • 2013 Falcor Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa Valley
  • 2015 Chateau De La Croix, Medoc
  • 2017 Pessimist, Paso Robles

Thanks to all who could join us throughout the week and a special shout out to the Villante family for hosting the BABC Graduation Celebration!

Pictures from the four official events, over the past two weekends, can be accessed at the following individual links below:

  1. Jackson’s UCLA Pre-Graduation Party on “The Rooftop”
  2. UCLA Commencement 2019 - College of Letters and Science (Friday, June 14)
  3. Jackson's UCLA Celebration @ BABC (hosted by the Villante's)
  4. UCLA Commencement 2019 - International Institute (Saturday, June 15, 2019)

What a great week!